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Italian humanist and environmental photographer/filmmaker, is an award - winning photographer based in Italy. He received the Masters Program at CRAF diploma in conservation, technique and history of photography in 1990, studying with, among others, Charles – Henri Favrod, Naomi Rosenblum and Walter Rosenblum, who is his spiritual father in photography.


His photographs have been exhibited all over Europe, United States and China, and published in Italian and international newspapers and magazines among them: l'Espresso, Internazionale, Alias del Manifesto, Vogue Italia, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Panorama, Il Sole 24 ore, Oggi, Le Scienze, Vanity Fair, Photomagazine, Daylight Magazine, Days Japan International, Asahi Shinbum, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Spiegel, Die Zeit, Wired USA, Asian Geo, China Newsweek, National Geographic USA.


He is co - author with Alessandro Tesei and Michele Marcolin of two documentary movies:


Living Toxic, Russia (Produced by Sydonia, 2014)


Behind the Urals (Produced by Mondo in Cammino, 2015)


And he his co-director with Alessandro Tesei of the documentary movie:

"The Zone, Road to Chernobyl" (Produced by Subwaylab 2018)


His movies and short documentaries were broadcast on:

Amazon Video

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel (MENA - Middle East & North Africa)

Discovery Channel USA

RSI Swiss TV
TVN 24 (Poland)

Societé Radio Canada (Canada)

Slovakia 1 E 2 (Slovakia)

Gli occhi della guerra




His photographs about Fukushima were included in two movies:

“Fukushame” (Teatro Primo Studio, 2012) directed by Alessandro Tesei

"A Nuclear Story, inside Fukushima",  (Teatro Primo Studio, 2014) directed by Matteo Gagliardi and Pio d’Emilia.


Permanent collections


Auer collection, Hermance (Switzerland)

Favrod collection, Saint Prex (Switzerland)

Rosenblum collection, New York (USA)

Fratelli Alinari Museum, Florence (Italy)

Chernobyl National Museum, Kiev (The Ukraine)

Fotografiska Museum, Stockholm (Sweden)

J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles (USA).


Main Books


“The Balkans, from Bosnia to Kosovo”, Interattiva, Italy 2000

“Chernobyl la herencia oculta”, Ellago ediciones, Spain 2006

“Chernobyl the hidden legacy”, Trolley LTD, Great Britain 2007

"Cip is not Afraid", CRO - CRAF, Italy 2010

"Chernobyl 20 years after", Kashiwa Shobo, Japan 2011

"Ashes/Ceneri" Stories of a photojournalist, Comune di Pordenone (Italy) 2014

"Tokai, A life in Chains", torri del vento edizioni, Italy, 2022


Movie Awards


Living toxic

Prize of the Bratislava Regional Chamber of Slovak Chamber of commerce and industry, Internationl film festival Ekotop Film EnviroFilm, 2015


Behind the Urals – The Nightmare before Chernobyl

Honorable mention "Uranium Film Festival 2016"

Honorable mention "Vittorio Veneto FF"

Honorable mention "Life After Oil FF"


The Zone, Road to Chernobyl

Official selection "Split film festival 2018"

Best Narrative Feature "Cinqueterre film fest 2018"

Best feature documentary "Cinqueterre film fest 2018"


Photography Awards


2006 FVG Award

2009 Winner "EIUC Photography Competition 2009" Visualizing Democracy

2010 Official selection winner for the “Paducah Photo '10 exhibition” at the Yeiser Art Center (USA)

2010 Pictures of the Year International: "Chernobyl The hidden legacy" book finalist in the category "best photography book”

2010 Honorable mention “Daylight/CDS Photo Awards”

2010 Second Place "Photo Aid Contest 2010"

2010 Honorable Mention “The Robert Cornelius Awards 2010”

2010 Highly commended “Digital Photographer of the Year 2010”

2010 Highly commended “Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010”

2010 Highly commended “FCCT/OnAsia PHOTO CONTEST 2010”

2010 Second Place and 2 Gold Awards "European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2010" Reportage category

2010 finalist “Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2010”

2010 finalist “FEP European Photo Book Awards 2010”

2010 Honorable mention “IPA International Photography Awards” category: “Editorial feature story”

2010 Honorable mention “PX3 Aftermarth” category “photojournalism/feature stories”

2011 finalist “KL International Photo Awards 2011”

2011 official selection winner for the “Paducah Photo '11 exhibition” at the Yeiser Art Center (USA)

2011 Honorable mention “WPGA Black & White Competition” category “editorial Photojournalism”

2011 Third Prize "6th Annual Black and White Spider Awards 2011"

2011 Gold medal in the category "book documentary" and Silver medal in the category "press feature story" at "PX3 prix de la photographie Paris 2011"

2011 Honorable Mention "IPA International Photography Awards 2011" category "Photo Essay and Feature Story"

3rd place "IPA International Photography Awards 2011" category"Book Documentary Pro"

2011 Silver Award "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2011" reportage category

2011 Winner "WPGA Editorial Awards 2011"

2011 Honorable Mention "CIDPA Canadian International Digital Photography Awards 2011"

2011 Honorable mention “WPGA Pollux Awards 2011” category Humanitarian documentary

2011 Winner "Outdoor Photographer of the year 2011" Category "On the Streets"

2011 3 bronze Awards "Open Competition 2011 International Loupe Awards" category "photojournalism" and "People and Portrait"

2012 Second place "Eco Arts Awards 2012"

2012 Winner "NYPH'12 New York Photo Festival Invitational"

2012 Winner of the official selection "Paducah Photo '12 exhibition" at the Yeiser Art Center (USA)

2012 Third Prize "Photo Annual Awards 2012" category "motions series"

2012 Honorable Mention "7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards 2012" category photojournalism

2012 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2012" category "Book documentary"

2012 Honorable Mention "IPA International Photography Awards 2012" category "photo essay and feature story"

2012 Second place single image and portfolio "FotoWeekDC International Awards Competition" category "Photojournalism/social documentary"

2012 Silver Award "International Loupe Awards 2012" category photojournalism

2012 Silver Award and Bronze Award "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2012" reportage category

2013 Special Prize by Juries “Days Japan international Photojournalism Awards”

2013 Honorable mention "Fotovisura Grant 2013"

2013 Honorable mention "Photo Annual Awards 2013"

2013 Finalist "Eugene Smith Grant 2013"

2013 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2013"

2014 Honorable Mention "ND Awards 2014"

2014 First place gold star award "ND Awards 2014"

2014 Public Prize "Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards 2014"

2014 Honorable Mention "Photo Annual Awards"

2014 Second Place and Honorable Mention "Moscow International Foto Awards"

2014 Finaist "Leica Oskar Barnack Awards"

2014 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2014"

2014 Finalist "Pictures of the Year international" category Environmental Vision Award

2015 Finalist "Pictures of the Year international" category best photography book award

2015 Finalist "Gomma Grant 2015"

2015 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2015"

2015 Honorable Mention "SIPA Awards"

2015 Finalist "Travel Photographer of the year 2015"

2015 Honorable Mention "ND Awards 2015" category Nature/Wildlife

2015 Honorable Mention "ND Awards 2015" category Editorial photo essay/story

2016 Remarkable Awards "SIPA awards"

2016 3 Nominée "Photography Grant 2016"

2016 Honorable mention "SDN visual stories exploring global themes"

2016 Finalist POY Pictures of the year international, category "Environmental Vision Award"

2017 Nominee in "International Color Awards" category people and photojournalism

2017 "Earth Reporter of the year 2017" from Earth Day Italia, Bologna, Italy 2017

2017 Highly Commended "Travel Photographer of the Year 2017"

2018 Finalist "Gomma Grant 2018"

2019 Shortlisted "Alexia Foundation Grant 2019"

2020 Shorlisted "Kolga Tbilisi photo awards 2020"

2020 Shortlisted "Sony World Photography Awards 2020" Environmental category

2020 Finalist "Pictures of The Year International" Environmental Vision Award category

2020 Award of Excellence "Pictures of The Year International" Science & Natural History—Picture Story category

2020 Shortlisted World Report Award, Spotlight Award category

2020 Shortlisted World Report Award, Short Story Award category

2020 Bronze "PX3 Prix de la photographie Paris", Press/Nature/Environmental category

2020 Finalist "International Photography Grant" talent of the year 2020

2020 Best Documentary Prize " Gomma Photography Grant 2020"

2021 "Earth Photo 2021" winner "video category"

2022 Finalist "Belfast Photo Festival"

2022 second place "Chatwin Award"

2022 Finalist "Premio Ponchielli"

2023 Shortlisted "Felix Schoeller Photo Award"

2023 Highly commended "Belfast Photo festival"

2023 Finalist "SIPA Awards"

2023 Shortlisted "Kolga Tbilisi Award" category reportage

2023 Shortlisted "Kolga Tbilisi Award" category documentary

2023 Third place " Rovinj Photo Days" category documentary

2023 Finalist "Drone SIPA Awards"

2023 Winner "Helsinki photo festival"


Main Exhibits


2006 April, The Ukraine, Kiev, Chernobyl National Museum, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2006 Juin, Switzerland, Nyon, Galerie focale, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2006, September, Italy, Cesano Maderno (MI), foto&photo festival, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2007 April, Great Britain, London, Maverick Showroom and Trolley Gallery “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2007 Juin, Italy, Udine, Cinema Visionario Gallery, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2007 October, France, Montpellier, Photo-Visions, Photographie Pavillon Populaire, "REGARDE! DES ENFANTS COLLECTION M+M AUER


2008 April, Italy, Rome, Festival Internazionale di Fotografia, ST Gallery, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2008, Spain, Valladolid, Sala 2 del Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijon "!MIRA! LOS NINOS EN LA COLECCION M.+M. AUER"


2008, May, United States, Boston, Cambridge Multi-Cultural Arts Center, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2008, July, Italy, Pordenone, Spilimbergo Fotografia, Palazzo Della Provincia , “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2008, September, United States, New York, Abrons Center Fot The Arts, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2010, July, United States, Paducah Yeiser Art Center, "Paducah Photo '10 Exhibition", “Kawah Ijen – Inferno”


2010 October, Great Britain, London, Air Gallery “Environmental Photographer of The Year 2010”


2011, June, United States, Paducah Yeiser Art Center, "Paducah Photo '11 Exhibition", “A life in chains”


2011 June-August, Italy, Villa Brandolini, Solighetto, Estate Fotografia, Strand+Rosenblum "Enduring Friendship" and Mittica "Chernobyl the hidden legacy"


2011 July- November, Italy, Trieste, Magazzino 26, Biennale Diffusa di Venezia, "Kawah Ijen - Inferno"


2012 May, USA, New York, "New York Photo Festival Invitational", "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2012 Juin, Switzerland, Lausanne, "Espace Eclair" Gallery, "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2012 July, USA, Paducah, Yeiser Art Center "Paducah Photo '12 Exhibition"


2012 November, USA, Washington, FotoWeekDC Central, "FotoWeekDC Festival" "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 March, Switzerland, Geneva, “Saint-Gervais” Theatre, “From Chernobyl to Fukushima"


2013 July, Great Britain, Stafford, Shire Hall Gallery,"The Royal Photographic Society's International Print Exhibition 156", "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 October, Italy, Passariano (UD) Villa Manin, "Contrasti" "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 October, Italy, Lodi (MI), "Festival della Fotografia Etica" "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2014 September, Italy, Pordenone, Harry Bertoia Gallery, Ashes/Ceneri Stories of a Photojournalist


2015 March, China, Hong Kong, New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library, Ongoing Nuclear Tragedies: Fukushima and Chernobyl


2015 October, Rome, Italy, Vittoriano, "La nostra storia, sessant'anni dell'Italia e del mondo attraverso le foto dell'Espresso"


2015 October, Italy, Siena, "Beyond the Lens" Sipa Awards


2016 July Milano, Italy, Palazzo Reale, "La nostra storia, sessant'anni dell'Italia e del mondo attraverso le foto dell'Espresso"


2016 September, Germany, Berlin, KulturBrauerei, "Chernobyl 30 Years After"


2016 October, Italy, Gorizia, Santa Chiara Convent, "Chernobyl 30 Years After"


2017 October, Italy, Vigevano, travelling festival, "Chernobyl 30 Years After" and "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2018 April, Great Britain, London, "Travel Photographer of the Year"


2021 September, Italy, "Corigliano Calabro Fotografia", Semipalatinsk the crime of nuclear testing


2023 May, Croatia, "Rovinj Photo Days", And then the winter came


2023 July, Italy, Aosta, "La Clé de l'été 2023", Chernobyl tracce invisibili


2023 August, Finland, Helsinki, "Helsinki photo festival" And then the winter came