The Zone

Post atomic Journey

Directed by

Alessandro Tesei and Pierpaolo Mittica


Produced by

Associated producer
Mondo in Cammino

Pierpaolo Mittica

Filming by
Alessandro Tesei
Pierpaolo Mittica

Pierpaolo Mittica
Alessandro Tesei
Alessandro Tarabelli
Diego Morresi
Andra Antolini

There’s a new risky activity going on among Ukrainian youngsters: some of them in fact have recently started to illegally enter the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – in the centre of which there is the infamous Reactor 4 that exploded in 1986, making the area one of the most contaminated of the whole world . They are referred to as ” Stalkers” a name coming directly from Andrei Tarkovski’s film “Stalker”, a cult movie dated back in 1979 – and from a survival-horror videogame released in 2007 and set right into the Zone named S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


Chernobyl’ Stalkers have developed a proper veneration for this specific area, which they consider it as a post-atomic private home. They are organized in paramilitary groups with names, symbols and rituals, while enjoying a dangerous trip to reach their final destination: the ghost town of Pripyat .


In order to get there they have to walk about 60 kilometers through the woods – mostly by night to avoid the police patrolling – between nuclear radiations and wild animals. During their journey they usually sleep in abandoned villages, eat canned food and drink the water they find along the way, dirty and contaminated.


The movie directors, Alessandro Tesei and Pierpaolo Mittica, joined a group of them and went illegally in Chernobyl exclusion zone, filming one of the most incredible and adventurous trip ever made.