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The Dynjandi waterfall, situated in the Fjords region in the northwest. The waterfall is composed of a series of seven drops and has a total height of 100 metres.

A solitary island in the middle of the Norwegian Sea, with infinite horizons and primordial landscapes, Iceland aims to become an iconic tourist destination for the post-pandemic travel industry, thanks also to its natural social distancing as a result of the country having one of the world’s lowest population densities with just over three inhabitants per square kilometre.

Since 2008, the year when the Icelandic Krona collapsed as a result of the failure of the national banks, the country has recorded constant and exponential economic growth, above all, concerning the tourism sector, which in recent years has become the country’s primary source of income. Visitor numbers have increased from 500 thousand in 2010 to more than 2.5 million in 2018.


From the story "Iceland augmented reality, the land of fire and icelooks to tourism", Iceland 2021

The land of fire and ice 6#


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