Rakima and the nuclear Polygon  - Kazakhstan



Kazakhstan 2019


The story behind the photo:


Rakima, 79 years old, lives in the contaminated village of Bodene, situated close to the border with the nuclear test site of Semipalatinsk. She is a witness of the nuclear weapons tests in the Polygon.

"After the explosions, every fifteen to thirty days, a local family was picked up and held for 10 days to check their health status.They examined us using different equipment, applied glass to our bodies and then analyzed everything. We repeated to them that we were not lab rabbits, since they treated us like guinea pigs. But they understood it perfectly well on their own. They kept us for 10 days and then brought us back home in the same car that had picked us up to start again immediately with another family."


From the story "Semipalatinsk, the crime of nuclear testing" Kazakhstan 2019

Rakima and the nuclear Polygon


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