Pripyat, the ghost town 1#  - The Ukraine



The Ukraine 2015


The story behind the photo:


Forest and wildfires are raging nearby the ghost town of Pripyat, evacuated and since then abandoned and neglected as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986.
Fires are among the greatest threats which exists in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation. Through the fires radioactively contaminated trees and woods are burned. The resulting radioactive ashes are spread into the atmosphere provoking a new fallout. On April 27, 2015, there was one of the largest forest fires in the restricted area, which was built in 1986 with a radius of 30 km around the wrecked reactor block no. 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on the territory of Ukraine. More than 113 square kilometers of radioactive contaminated forest were affected, throwing back tons of radioactive particles into the air.


From the project "Chernobyl Stories" The Ukraine 2014-2019

Pripyat, the ghost town 1#


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