Naurizbek and the nuclear Polygon  - Kazakhstan



Kazakhstan 2019


The story behind the photo:


Naurizbek Umarov 85 years old lies on his bed in his home in the contaminated village of Bodene. He is a witness of the atomic explosions and lives in the contaminated village of Bodene situated close to the border of the Polygon.

“Wherever I looked, wherever I turned my eyes I could see the mushrooms generated by the detonations, They were explosions of different types, almost waves of them. Sometimes, they would start when we were on the streets and we were forced to look for shelter somewhere maybe on the other side of the river, until they told us it was safe to come out. The windows of many houses were shattered, people were exasperated and the streets were permeated with a terrible smell. The contamination affected everyone."


From the story "Semipalatinsk, the crime of nuclear testing" Kazakhstan 2019

Naurizbek and the nuclear Polygon


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