Karabash 1#  - Russia



Russia 2013


The story behind the photo:


The revenge of the nature.

The Russian city of Karabash, in the Chelyabinsk region, is one of the most polluted places on earth. The city is the site of a copper-smelting plant, built more than a 100 years ago, and its toxic waste has caused enormous pollution and dire health problems for the inhabitants of the region. A gigantic black mountain, 20 meters high and more than two kilometers long dividess the city in two. It is black because it was formed by residues from the processing of copper and iron. More than thirty million tons of what is called slag. Over a hundred years of debris piled up in a small mountain range, a mountain range that has everything except the charm of the mountains.


From the story "Karabash, the dirty blood of the Earth" Russia 2013

Karabash 1#


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