Animal activist in Fukushima No-Go Zone - Japan



Japan 2011


The story behind the photo:


Animal Activist in search of abandoned animals in the abandoned city of Odaka in the Fukushima "No-Go Zone".

The sun sets. Evening falls. Darkness envelops the streets and houses of this ghost town. But briefly. Streetlights turn on, lights forgotten by men. A nuclear accident has made ghost towns, and nuclear power continues to illuminate nothingness. Makomi, an animal activist with Citizens for Animal Protection, is a teacher by day and puts on her protective suit at night and illegally enters the exclusion zone to go rescue abandoned animals. On April 9, 2011, she entered the contaminated zone for the first time, saving twenty-eight cats, three dogs and six chickens. Since that day, she has not stopped: once a week, after finishing work, she takes the car and leaves for her mission.


From the story "Fukushima No-Go Zone", Japan, 2011-2012

Animal activist in Fukushima No-Go Zone


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