Extended Biography

Dr. Pierpaolo Mittica, Italian humanist photographer, is an award - winning photographer based in Venice (Italy)


1971 born 6th August in Pordenone (Italy)


1983 he began taking photographs, when his uncle Alfredo Fasan, a professional photographer, put a Polaroid in his hands during a vacation in France. And it was Fasan who transmitted to him the passion for photography, teaching him the first rudiments of photographic technique and the darkroom


1984 he spent many hours in Giuliano Borghesan's studio, important photographer of Italian Neo-Realism, and to this day Borghesan has continues to teach and advise him on the taking of photographs, composition and printing


1990 he took his diploma in the conservation, archiviation, technique and history of photography Masters Program at CRAF. He attended courses given by Italo Zannier, of techniques of taking photographs with Gabriele Basilico, Paolo Gioli, Olivo Barbieri, the course of printing in black and white with Roberto Salbitani


1995 he met Charles-Henri Favrod. Studies the history of photography and the composition of the image. He decided to dedicate himself to social photography


From 1997 he studied photography with Naomi Rosenblum and Walter Rosenblum, student of Lewis Hine and Paul Strand, who is his spiritual father in photography.


From 1997 to 1999 he realized a reportage on the post-war critical situation on the Balkans with the publication of a book entitled: “The Balkans, from Bosnia to Kosovo” edited by Interattiva.


2001 graduated in Dentistry.


From 2002 until 2007 he travelled regularly to Belarus and Ukraine to realize a work on the heritage of Chernobyl. From this reportage on 2006 a book was published in Spain by the Spanish editor Ellago Ediciones with the title: “Chernobyl la herencia oculta”.


In 2007 the same book was published in Great Britain by the English editor Trolley LTD with the title: “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”.


From 2002 until 2008 he travelled regularly to India to realize photographic works about many social aspects of India.


In 2009 he photographed the work in the sulphur mines in Indonesia.


In 2010 he realized a work for the CRO (Oncological Research Center) about cancer treatment on elderly people with the publication of a book entitled “Cip is not Afraid”


In 2010 he photographed child labor and slavery in Bangladesh.


2011-2012 he realized a photographic project in Japan about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, photographing inside Fukushima "Exclusion Zone".


In 2012 he partecipated with his photographs to the realization of the Docu-film “Fukushame” by Alessandro Tesei (http://www.teatroprimostudio.it/project/fukushame)


2013 he started his long term photographic project "Living Toxic" photographing the first chapters in Russia, Mayak, Karabash and Magnitogorsk


2014 with its photo participates in the realization of the documentary film "A Nuclear Story" inside Fukushima, director Matteo Gagliardi


2014 completed a report on the conditions of Karen refugees in Thailand in the refugees camps entitled "Karen refugees, Prisoners without a future"


2014 completed a reportage on Ladyboys in Thailand named "I'm a Ladyboy!"


2014 completed a report in Ukraine on tourism in Chernobyl titled "Welcome to Chernobyl, the nuclear tourism"


2015 participates as a author and photographer to the production of the documentary "Behind the Urals, Nightmare Before Chernobyl" by Alessandro Tesei produced by Mondo in Cammino


Books / Monographies


1999 The Balkans, from Bosnia to Kosovo' Interattiva (Italy), présentation Charles-Henri Favrod, introduction Predrag Matvejevic


2006 “Chernobyl La herencia oculta - The Hidden Legacy'” Ellago Ediciones, (Spain). Introduction Rosalie Bertell, preface Naomi Rosenblum.


2007 “Chernobyl The Hidden Legacy” Trolley Ltd, London (Great Britain). Introduction Rosalie Bertell, preface Naomi Rosenblum, additional text Wladimir Tchertkoff.


2010 “Cip is not Afraid” CRO-CRAF (Italy) Introduction Antonio Ferrara.


2011 "Chernobyl 20 years after" Kashiwa Shobo (Japan). Introduction Rosalie Bertell, preface Naomi Rosenblum, additional text Wladimir Tchertkoff.


2014 "Ashes/Ceneri" Stories of a photojournalist, Comune di Pordenone (Italy) introduction Luis Sepulveda, Foreword, Naomi Rosenblum, Charles-Henri Favrod, Angelo Bertani


Collective Publications


2006 Foto&Photo, fotografia a Cesano Maderno, Admira (Italy) edited by Enrica Viganò


2007 Photo-Illustration 26 (F) n°spécial Laure Albin Guillot. La Photo pour tous, sep (F). Photo-Revue Paris (F) 21/nov. L'Illustration L. & R. Baschet, Paris (F) 95e année 4916/22 mai-Couronnement des souverains de l'Empire britannique: pub cognac Hennessy


2007 Regarde! des enfants' Editions M+M & Montpellier Photo-Visions (F), Juliette Agnel, Michèle Auer (+ conception expo + livre), Dirk Bakker, Stefan Burgener, Yvan Dalain, David Gagnebin-De Bons, Pierre-Jean Grattenois, Bernard Guillot, Paul Guth, Peter Knapp, Roland Laboye, René Laporte, Claude Maillard, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


2007 Daylight Magazine (USA), Issue 6, « the atomic Issue », Daylight Community Arts Foundation


2008 Vedere la normalità, fotografia 2008, Festival Internazionale di Roma, Zoneattive Edizioni (Italy) edited by Marco Delogu


2008 Confini/Frontiere – Boundaries/Frontiers, Forum Editrice Universitaria Udinese Srl (Italy) Edited by Antonio Giusa


2008 India la grande madre, Associazione Culturale Il Caseificio (Italy) Introduction Francesca Marino


2009 Immagini del Presente, Edizioni d’arte, Centro Iniziative Culturali Pordenone, Edited By Giancarlo Pauletto


2009 Sguardi/Pogledi, CRAF (Italy) edited by Gianfranco Ellero/Walter Liva


2010 Melting Shots Fotografie, Sistema Provinciale Arte Contemporanea (Italy) edited by Lorenzo Di Loreto


2010 The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010, Ciwem (Great Britain)


2011 “KL Inòçternational Photoawards 2011” Explorenation.net (Malaysia)


2011 "Biennale di Venezia Padiglione Italia, Friuli Venezia Giulia" curator Vittorio Sgarbi, Trart Edition (Italy)


2012 "Tout ça, de la collection de Charles-Henri Favrod" Bernard Campiche Editeur (Switzerland)


2015 "Beyond the Lens" Sipa Awards (Italy)


Personal Exhibitions


2000 Italy, Spilimbergo, CRAF, “Balkans, From Bosnia to Kosovo”


2006 April, The Ukraine, Kiev, Chernobyl National Museum, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2006 Juin, Switzerland, Nyon, Galerie focale, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2007 April, Great Britain, London, Maverick Showroom and Trolley Gallery “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2007 Juin, Italy, Udine, Cinema Visionario Gallery, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2008 April, Italy, Rome, Festival Internazionale di Fotografia, ST Gallery, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2009 August, Italy, Gemona del Friuli, Open Space Gallery, “Wonderful India!”


2010 October, Italy, Aviano, CRO Cancer Hospital, “Cip is not Afraid”


2010 November, Italy, Spilimbergo, CRAF, Corte Europa, “Cip is not Afraid”


2012 Juin, Switzerland, Lausanne, "Espace Eclair" Gallery, "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 March, Switzerland, Geneva, “Saint-Gervais” Theatre, “From Chernobyl to Fukushima"


2013 March, Italy, Milan, The Studio Gallery, Fukushima No-Go Zone


2014 September, Italy, Pordenone, Harry Bertoia Gallery, Ashes/Ceneri Stories of a Photojournalist


2015 March, China, Hong Kong, New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library, Ongoing Nuclear Tragedies: Fukushima x Chernobyl


Collective Exhibitions


2006, September, Italy, Cesano Maderno (MI), foto&photo festival, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2007 October, France, Montpellier, Photo-Visions, Photographie Pavillon Populaire, "REGARDE! DES ENFANTS COLLECTION M+M AUER


2008, Spain, Valladolid, Sala 2 del Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijon "!MIRA! LOS NINOS EN LA COLECCION M.+M. AUER"


2008, May, United States, Boston, Cambridge Multi-Cultural Arts Center, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2008, July, Italy, Pordenone, Spilimbergo Fotografia, Palazzo Della Provincia , “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2008 September, Italy, Spilimbergo, "India La grande madre"


2008, September, United States, New York, Abrons Center Fot The Arts, “Chernobyl the hidden legacy”


2009, March, Italy, Pordenone, Galleria Sagittaria, “Wonderful India!”


2010, June, Italy, Montelabbate, Mostra Internazionale di Fotografia "Melting Shots" Palazzo del comune - Spazio Nobili, “Wonderful India!”


2010, July, United States, Paducah Yeiser Art Center, "Paducah Photo '10 Exhibition", “Kawah Ijen – Inferno”


2010 October, Great Britain, London, Air Gallery “Environmental Photographer of The Year 2010”


2011, June, United States, Paducah Yeiser Art Center, "Paducah Photo '11 Exhibition", “A life in chains”


2011 June-August, Italy, Villa Brandolini, Solighetto, Estate Fotografia, Strand+Rosenblum "Enduring Friendship" and Mittica "Chernobyl the hidden legacy"


2011 July- November, Italy, Trieste, Magazzino 26, Biennale Diffusa di Venezia, "Kawah Ijen - Inferno"


2012 May, USA, New York, "New York Photo Festival Invitational", "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2012 July, USA, Paducah, Yeiser Art Center "Paducah Photo '12 Exhibition"


2012 November, USA, Washington, FotoWeekDC Central, "FotoWeekDC Festival" "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 July, Great Britain, Stafford, Shire Hall Gallery,"The Royal Photographic Society's International Print Exhibition 156", "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 October, Italy, Passariano (UD) Villa Manin, "Contrasti" "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 October Italy, Brugnera (PN), "Brugnera Fotografia 2013" Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2013 October, Italy, Lodi (MI), "Festival della Fotografia Etica" "Fukushima No-Go Zone"


2015 October, Rome, Italy, Vittoriano, "La nostra storia, sessant'anni dell'Italia e del mondo attraverso le foto dell'Espresso"


2015 October, Italy, Siena, "Beyond the Lens" Sipa Awards




Auer collection, Hermance (Switzerland)


Favrod collection, Saint Prex (Switzerland)


Rosenblum collection, New York (USA)


Chernobyl National Museum, Kiev (Ukraine)


Fotografiska Museum, Stockholm (Sweden)


J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles (USA)




2006 FVG Award


2009 Winner "EIUC photography competition 2009" Visualizing democracy


2010 Official selection winner for the “Paducah Photo '10 exhibition” at the Yeiser Art Center (USA)


2010 Pictures of the Year International: "Chernobyl The hidden legacy" book finalist in the category "best photography book”


2010 Honorable mention “Daylight/CDS Photo Awards”


2010 Second Place "Photo Aid Contest 2010"


2010 Honorable Mention “The Robert Cornelius Awards 2010”


2010 Highly commended “Digital Photographer of the Year 2010”


2010 Highly commended “Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010”


2010 Highly commended “FCCT/OnAsia PHOTO CONTEST 2010”


2010 Second Place and 2 Gold Awards "European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2010" Reportage category


2010 finalist “Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2010”


2010 finalist “FEP European Photo Book Awards 2010”


2010 Honorable mention “IPA International Photography Awards” category: “Editorial feature story”


2010 Honorable mention “PX3 Aftermarth” category “photojournalism/feature stories”


2011 finalist “KL International Photo Awards 2011”


2011 official selection winner for the “Paducah Photo '11 exhibition” at the Yeiser Art Center (USA)


2011 Honorable mention “WPGA Black & White Competition” category “editorial Photojournalism”


2011 Third Prize "6th Annual Black and White Spider Awards 2011"


2011 Gold medal in the category "book documentary" and Silver medal in the category "press feature story" at "PX3 prix de la photographie Paris 2011"


2011 Honorable Mention "IPA International Photography Awards 2011" category "Photo Essay and Feature Story"


2011 3rd place "IPA International Photography Awards 2011" category "Book Documentary Pro"


2011 Silver Award "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2011" reportage category


2011 Winner "WPGA Editorial Awards 2011"


2011 Honorable Mention "CIDPA Canadian International Digital Photography Awards 2011"


2011 Honorable mention “WPGA Pollux Awards 2011” category Humanitarian documentary


2011 Winner "Outdoor Photographer of the year 2011" Category "On the Streets"


2011 3 bronze Awards "Open Competition 2011 International Loupe Awards" category "photojournalism" and "People and Portrait"


2012 Second place "Eco Arts Awards 2012"


2012 Winner "NYPH'12 New York Photo Festival invitational"


2012 Winner at the official selection for the "Paducah Photo '12 exhibition" at the Yeiser Art Center (USA)


2012 Third Prize "Photo Annual Awards 2012" category "Motions series"


2012 Honorable Mention "7th Black and White Spider Awards 2012" category photojournalism


2012 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2012" category "Book documentary"


2012 Honorable Mention "IPA International Photography Awards 2012" category "photo essay anf feature story"


2012 Second place single image and portfolio "FotoWeekDC International Awards Competition" category "Photojournalism/social documentary"


2012 Silver Award "International Loupe Awards 2012" category Photojournalism


2012 Silver Award and Bronze Award "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2012" reportage category


2013 Autore Friulano 2013 "Brugnera Fotografia 2013"


2013 Special Prize by Juries “Days Japan international Photojournalism Awards"


2013 Honorable mention "Fotovisura Grant 2013"


2013 Honorable mention "Photo Annual Awards 2013"


2013 Finalist "Eugene Smith Grant 2013"


2013 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2013"


2014 Honorable Mention "ND Awards 2014"


2014 First place Gold star award "ND Awards 2014"


2014 Public Prize "Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards 2014"


2014 Honorable mention "Photo Annual awards"


2014 Second Place and Honorable Mention "Moscow International Foto Awards"


2014 Finalist "Leica Oskar Barnack Awards"


2014 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2014"


2014 Finalist "Pictures of the Year International" category Environmental Vision Awards


2015 Finalist "Pictures of the Year International" category best photography book award


2015 Honorable mention "SIPA Awards"


2015 Honorable Mention "PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2015"


2015 Finalist "Travel Photographer of the Year 2015"


2015 Finalist "Gomma Grant 2015"


2015 Honorable Mention "ND Awards 2015" category Nature/Wildlife


2015 Honorable Mention "ND Awards 2015" category Editorial photo essay/story


2016 Remarkable Awards "SIPA awards"


2016 3 Nominée "Photography Grant 2016"


2016 Honorable Mention "SDN Visual stories exploring global themes"


2016 Finalist POY Pictures of the Year International, category "Environmental Vision award"